Samantha Speaks: On Interning in the Event Industry

Earlier this month, An Essential Event welcomed new intern Samantha Steele into our little family. Among Samantha’s first assignments was to share with us her hopes and expectations for her future not only with An Essential Event, but in the industry as a whole. Below is Samantha’s eager and incredibly insightful exposition on beginning a career in the bridal and event world. Well done, Samantha – we are delighted to have you on board!

Samantha Steele

An Essential Event’s new intern, Samantha Steele (right) with her dear friend, Erin Noorlun (left).

Samantha Speaks

For me, event planning came naturally at a young age. I can remember arranging surprise birthday parties for my family and friends every chance I got growing up. I loved the way I was able make someone feel so special with just a few unexpected decorations and a homemade cake!

It was only just recently that I received the chance to actually employ my passion with an internship. I’m so excited to be a part of An Essential Event and hope that my enthusiasm and work ethic will benefit the team! I think that being behind the scenes and getting an inside look at the entire process of creating an event will be so educational, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity.

I look forward to being there for our clients from the beginning steps of developing their event, to the climatic ending. I imagine that the internship will demand a lot of hard work and anticipate it to be a bit stressful at times, but seeing our clients happy on their big day will be completely worth it and will feel so rewarding for me! The task I’m most looking forward to is working, hand in hand, with the brides when we do wedding events. After all the horror stories you hear about “bridezillas” and their kooky antics, this fact may be surprising to some. However, I believe that our brides have the right to command a higher standard. After all, it is their day, their wedding, a moment in time that they will cherish forever. It’s our job to make their wedding fantasies a reality! And personally, I am more than happy to be challenged. The grander the endeavor the better, because without being driven by something or someone, we remain the same, and I always desire to progress and thrive as a planning assistant. I cannot wait to begin what will hopefully be a long career in this business!

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