Dream Bigger

David Tutera's "Dream Bigger" Show

David Tutera’s “Dream Bigger” Show

Earlier this month, An Essential Event’s newest Event Assistant, Kim Schmitz, had the pleasure of traveling to California to meet celebrity wedding planner, David Tutera. Kim was kind enough to share some of her thoughts on the experience with us in the following post:

Dream Bigger

 “Attention! Attention! Flight 480 with travel to Orange County will begin boarding in a few minutes. Passengers with boarding pass type A should precede directly to Gate D12 at this time.”

This is where the butterflies really began. I was about to board a plane to go to Anaheim, California to meet David Tutera at his “Dream Bigger” show. Now, I have been watching “My Fair Wedding” for quite some time, and have always thought David Tutera did amazing work. His eye for detail is exquisite! He can look at a blank canvas – or at a completely disorganized heap – and make from it someone’s dream event a reality.

David Tutera and Kim Schmitz

David Tutera and Kim Schmitz

The show “Dream Bigger” was about just that, only looking at yourself and your dreams in life instead. David began the presentation by sharing about how he got started in the event industry: as a singing telegram! (Can you imagine that – a ridiculously costumed David Tutera singing on your doorstep? Too funny!)  He went on to tell us how a women came and asked him to decorate her son’s Bar Mitzvah after viewing his design work in a store’s window display. He said “yes” without a single thought as to how this opportunity might affect his future, and so his amazing event career was born. Throughout the show, David reminded us many times how important it is to say “yes” – “yes” to new adventures, “yes” to harder tasks and “yes” to bigger dreams. I think this may be why he is so successful.  From a task as simple and small as decorating a young boy’s Bar Mitzvah to planning a private client’s $3 million wedding, he has always said “yes.” At one point during his presentation, David explained, “If you don’t take big risks in life, you don’t get the big challenges.” David believed in himself enough to say “yes” and as a result, he has been able to continue dreaming and achieving bigger.

So this is what I will take away from the whole experience of meeting David Tutuera: I will continue to take risks, say “yes” and believe in myself enough to follow my dream of being a wedding planner. I love the quote, “If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?’ Well, I will, for one. I will prove to myself that I can do this if only I continue to Dream Bigger.

–       Kim Schmitz

Kim Schmitz is a graduate of the Penn-Foster Career School’s Wedding Planning program and a novice member of the Association of Bridal Consultants. An Essential Event has been pleased to have Kim on board as an Event Assistant since January of 2013 and is looking forward to all that she will bring to us and to our clients.

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