Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from An Essential Event

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, I have been thinking a bit about how spending time with family can cause extra stress in the midst of the wedding planning process. So today I took a moment and composed the following email to all of my brides, and thought that I would post it here in hopes of giving some additional support to all of the other wonderful engaged couples out there who might also be experiencing this issue this week:

As you are sitting down with your family this Thursday to fill your plates with turkey and dressing, the subject of your upcoming wedding is sure to be on the tips of everyone’s tongues. From your very single cousin to your spinster great aunt, everyone will want to hear just how the planning is going, and quite possibly, offer you their often unwelcome suggestions on things like your cake, your décor and even your dress. It can all be very overwhelming – the decisions, the details, the differing opinions. So here are a few good rules to follow to make sure that your holiday is as peaceful – and pie-full – as possible:

Be thankful.
First and foremost, keep in mind that your relatives are only interested in the minutia of your wedding because they would all like the very best for you. Be thankful that your family, especially your mother, cares so much about your happiness and helping you to create the day of your dreams. Or, if instead, your family is full of negative nuptial barbs, be thankful that you have a future spouse who loves you despite your doubting gene pool.

Be thoughtful.
If your relatives insist on handing out a heaping helping of advice, resist the temptation to turn a deaf ear. Instead, listen patiently – and politely – to their well-intentioned rambles, and be thoughtful enough to remember that they probably feel a sense of investment in your soiree as well. Doing so will surely help to maintain the family peace, and may even result in a few valuable possibilities!

Be through.
The fact is, we all have our limits, and our families can seem strangely fond of pushing us to them. If you think your family might go too far this holiday season, just imagine the stress they can cause on your actual wedding day! Be through with the hassles and hire a wedding coordinator like An Essential Event to manage and mediate for you. After all, once your special day is done, they will still be your family. Avoid the conflict and let a coordinator be the bad guy on your behalf.

Happy Thanksgiving, and have a sliver of sweet potato just for us!