Spectacular Spring Party

Décor - Gale's Groovy Sixties
Photo courtesy of McBoat Photography

 In early spring on 2011, An Essential Event had the pleasure of putting on a 60th birthday celebration for one of our own contract event staff, Gale R..Those that know Gale would absolutely agree that she is definitely not the average “baby boomer,” going demurely into her senior years with a sense of quiet dignity. No, quite the opposite. Gale is a vibrant go-getter with more energy and enthusiasm than most people half her age. So naturally, Gale’s big 6-0 had to be just as spectacular, full of life, color and fun.

Invitation - Gale’s Groovy Sixties

Photo courtesy of McBoat Photography

Early on in the planning process, An Essential Event selected the theme of “Gale’s Groovy Sixties” in honor of not only the decade ahead of her, but also the decade during which she graduated from high school. Implementation of the theme began with the invitations, which asked guests to wear 1960’s attire to the party, which was to be held at the very vintage-styled Curtis Hotel. The retro motif was then infused into almost every aspect of the party’s decor, from the table centerpieces (a series of ten stacked numbers accounting for every year from 1960-1969) to the period posters and cardboard flower cutouts that trimmed the walls. The room’s focal point though, was definitely the elaborately-decorated memorabilia table, displaying everything from the birthday girl’s own records and yearbooks to a lava lamp and vintage paper dress.

Protest Rally - Gale’s Groovy Sixties

Photo courtesy of McBoat Photography

To kickoff the party in proper 60’s style, all the guests were asked to assemble on the street outside the hotel to wage a Vietnam War-type protest. Guests carried signs with phrases like “Don’t Trust Anyone Over 60” and “Draft Beer, Not Boys” while singing protest-era songs like “Puff, the Magic Dragon” and “Blowin’ in the Wind.” When the birthday girl at last arrived in a turquoise ’69 Mustang, the crowd went wild, prompting one hotel guest to ask the front desk, “What’s going on out there?”

Meal - Gale’s Groovy Sixties

Photo courtesy of McBoat Photography

Famished from the rally, attendees were then escorted inside and invited to a 1960’s TV Dinner Hour. As clips from old commercials, movies, newscasts and shows played on a projector, guests enjoyed the equivalent of a 1960’s-era TV dinner, complete with mashed potatoes, meatloaf and salad. Birthday cake, coffee and key lime pie comprised dessert, which was topped off by Gale’s signature drink, a Beatles-inspired “Lovely ‘Rita.”

Entertainment - Gale’s Groovy Sixties

Photo courtesy of McBoat Photography

After dinner, good-time ready guests participated in three rounds of “Jeopardy,” which premiered 47 years earlier in March of 1964. Contestants answered questions about 1960’s-era people and events, and played Final Jeopardy for a chance to have their bar tab covered for the night. Once the winner was declared, Genesee Mobile DJ really got the party started with a string of 1960’s dance hits from the Beach Boys (“Surfin’ USA”), the Four Seasons (“Grease”) and the Isley Brothers (“Twist and Shout”).

Sadly, like all good parties, “Gale’s Groovy Sixties” finally came to an end, but as guests departed with their smiley face pin favors, they raved about what an amazing evening it had been. An Essential Event was thrilled to kick off the spring of 2011 with such a fabulous fete, and looks forward to many more exciting years with Gale!

Transportation - Gale’s Groovy Sixties

Photo courtesy of McBoat Photography

This post is part of the Spectacular Spring Party contest sponsored by GigMasters. To find out how to enter, visit the Life of the Party.

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7 Responses to Spectacular Spring Party

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  2. Brenda says:

    very cool – groovy even!

  3. Jim Miles says:

    Looks like a fun party. Too bad I was not invited!

  4. Gary Malara says:

    Very cool. alot of thought and prep went into your design. Congradulations!!!

  5. kim tafoya says:

    They do the best work ever will refur to anyone I know

  6. Pete V says:

    I dig it, baby. Cheryl Lynn from An Essential Event is incredible.

  7. Great…Cheryl Lynn from An Essential Event is incredible.

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